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The Islamic Party Of Malaysia (PAS)

  • a brief introduction
    This brochure seeks to give a brief introduction to the Islamic Party of Malaysia (PAS). It is hoped that it will be of benefit to all those wishing to have a proper insight into the Islamic movement’s work in Malaysia especially of PAS’ role in particular.
    Islamic Party of Malaysia (PAS). In Bahasa Malaysia known as Parti Islam SeMalaysia.
    PAS is the successor to the Hizbul Muslimeen. The Hizbul Muslimeen was the first Islamic organisation that was founded after the advent of the British colonialists. Its aim was to struggle for Islam as a complete system for mankind. The Hizbul Muslimeen was destroyed by British’s ruthless campaign against it towards the end of colonial rule in then Malaya. PAS was established to fill the vacuum as it was realised that the only other major organisation with Malay-Muslim membership - the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) - had no interest in Islam but was set up to futher the cause of Malay nationalism and secularism. At a huge assembly of ulama’ from all parts of the country in the nothern state of Penang, Malaysia in 1951, a resolution was passed to form this organisation. The emblem or logo of the new party was a full moon and remains so to this day. At its inception PAS set out its objectives for the establishment of an Islamic order in Malaysia. For this purpose it mobilised its members to work through the electoral process besides maintaining general da’wah work. Today it remains the only Islamic party and organisation still steadfast with clear objectives for the establishment of Islamic goverment in Malaysia.
    PAS is set up on a hierarchical system of organisation from the top leadership to the ordinary grassroots level. At the main level is the Ulama Syura Council dan the Central Committee which chart out the policies of the party. At the Central level too three wings have been created to support the Central Committee - the Ulama, Youth and Muslimah Councils. At the next level come the State levels with a main State committee supported by the same three wings, this time at the State level. The third level maintains this pattern down to the regions and finally to the branches. The branch level is where the ordinary member operates. The current president is Ustaz Fadhil Mohd Noor, His Deputy is Ustaz Abdul Hadi Awang. The leadership lineup is as follows:

    Murshidul Am : Tuan Guru Datuk Haji Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat
    (Chief Minister of Kelantan)

    Presiden : Ustaz Fadhil Mohd Noor

    Deputy Presiden : Tuan Guru Haji Abdul Hadi Awang Vice Presiden : Ustaz Hassan Shukri and Haji Mustafa Ali Head of Ulama Council : Ustaz Harun Taib Head of Youth Council : Ustaz Abu Bakar Chik Head of Muslimah Council : Ustazah Jamilah Ibrahim Secretary General : Ustaz Abdul Halim Arshat Treasurer : Haji Abd Halim Abd Rahman (Deputy Chief Minister of Kelantan) Information Chief : Haji Omar Muhamad The Majlis Syura Ulama or the Ulama Syura Council is the guiding for the party responsible for matters pertaining to the main Islamic principles. In this it is assisted by the central Ulama Council. The Central Committee is responsible for the ordinary affairs of the party covering every level of the organisation and makes decisions that are for execution at all these levels. PAS Headquaters is located in Taman Melewar, north of Kuala Lumpur, the capital city. It has office all over the country.
    PAS' basic policy is to strive for the establishment of Islam as a complete system for mankind. Its objective is to establish an Islamic State and goverment in Malaysia. In this its basic source of reference is the Al-Quran and the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.). Besides these other suporting sources are the ijma’ of the ulama. And qias as well as the renowned works of the ulama. PAS does not compromise with any man-made ideology. Social and political reality as is evident is only useful as a guide for the struggle not its determinant. PAS believes that these realities will change with the progress of Islam in society as the only acceptable system suitable for Man.
    PAS is open to all Muslims irrespective of racial or ethnic background. Today it has approximately 400,000 members. The members reflect every strata of Malaysian society from the 'ulama, intelectuals, professional, public and private sector workers, labourers, farmers, fishermen and other walks of like. Although the majority of members hail from Malay Muslim stock many prominent members from non-Malay Muslim descent are also represented especially from the Chinese and Indian communities.
    Despite various odds, PAS continues to command the support of the Muslim masses. The existing non-Islamic system is only transitory and the eventual victory will be for Islam, Insya-Allah. PAS in fact managed to wrest the eastern state of Kelantan from the ruling party (National Front, or Barisan Nasional - a secular party) in the general elections of 1990 despite tremendous pressure from the ruling secular party. In the following elections (1995) it maintained its hold on the state, under the leadership of Tuan Guru Datuk Haji Nik Abd Aziz Nik Mat, an ulama as Chief Minister of Kelantan. The next elections are due in 1999. With the rising Islamic consciousness the world over we believe the Islamic movement will eventually triumph, Insya-Allah.

    Produced by : International Affairs Section, Islamic Party of Malaysia (PAS) PAS Headquaters Markas Tarbiyyah, Lorong Haji Hassan, Off Jalan Batu Geliga, Taman Melewar, 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor, MALAYSIA Tel: 03-6895612, 03-6895592 - Fax: 03-6889520

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